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"Can you bill my insurance for my massage therapy?"

As a courtesy to my clients/patients, I will bill the following insurance:

  • automobile accidents
  • slip and fall cases
  • workman's compensation
  • PLEASE NOTE: I do not work with HMOs.


"How do I qualify for insurance benefits?"

You will need a prescription for massage from your doctor (a medical doctor, orthopedic doctor, chiropractor or podiatrist).  The prescription must include:

  1. Diagnosis  A statement of your specific diagnosis (i.e. migraine headaches, cervicalgia, muscle sprain, etc.) with the ICD-9 code (your doctor knows what this is.)
  2. Plan/Duration  Specific detail of how many sessions the doctor recommends, presented in this format: (a) # times per week for # weeks OR (b) # total treatments.
  3. The prescription must state that massage therapy is "medically necessary" for your condition.

You will also need to provide your therapist with complete insurance information.  Be prepared to give details at your first appointment about your injury/accident.


"What if my insurance company won't pay for my massage?"

Insurance billing by my office is a courtesy to you.  If your insurance denies any part of your claim for any reason, you are responsible for payment in full.

Here is the good news:

Massage therapy is generally tax deductible, as long as you have a valid prescription from your doctor (as outlined above).  Speak to your tax advisor to determine if you meet other requirements for this deduction.


Please contact my office for additional details.

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