Kristen Seaton, LMT, MMP
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Genuine Healing and Teaching

"Kristen is a gifted hands-on healer.  But my favorite thing about her is that she explains things to me about the body in a way that I can understand.  She does not talk down to me or try to impress me with medical jargon (though I'm sure she knows all the science, too.)  I can tell she genuinely cares about my overall health."

Steven T. (customer service representative, age 49)


Emotional and Physical Health

"I began attending massage therapy with Kristen in 2007 to help with overall emotional and physical health.  The massage therapy has helped to reduce migraines, lower back pain and overall stress.

"There are many differences that stand out when comparing Ms. Seaton to other massage therapists.  Her massage techniques are consistent week after week.  She prides herself on continuing to improve and educate herself regarding new applications of massage.  Her compassion and overall concern for her client is genuine and present in every session.

"It is with great pleasure that I write to you in recommendation of Kristen Seaton.  She is an outstanding massage therapist, full of integrity, and a nurturing individual."

Laina W. (social worker, age 39)


Shoulder Injury

"Kristen has always displayed a high degree of integrity, professionalism, and care.  She is definitely a leader in her industry.  

"I had the opportunity to benefit from Kristen's expertise about 2 years ago when I came in for a massage for a shoulder injury I had been dealing with for several years.  Kristen used her techniques to release the muscles and provide additional ideas on continued relief for the pain.  I continue to see Kristen on an as-needed basis, and she always provides excellent care and relaxation.

"Kristen would be an asset to any person or organization, and I am happy to give her my whole-hearted endorsement."

Laurie T. (realtor, age 40)


Chronic Effects of Illness, Knee Surgery

"What a blessing when I started receiving massages from Kristen.  I had polio when I was eleven years old, and was feeling the effects of over-used and weakened muscles.  Three years ago I had Shingles and now have permanent nerve damage.

"A friend recommended Kristen and massage therapy.  What a difference it has made!  My stiffness and pain have significantly improved and almost disappeared.

"A year ago I had knee replacement surgery, and she has helped in my recovery.  Her strong and talented hands have brought great relief to every part of my body.

"In the three years I have been her client, she has been focused on my recovery, and she has a very caring and nurturing personality.  I would recommend her for everything and anything."

Roberta W. (retired banker, age 74)


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